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Zilap Russia


Zilap Rusia, un concepto basado en el alfabeto griego (ruso) con un estilo geométrico innovador.
Inspirado en la pasión por el fútbol del mundial de futbol 2018.


Inspired by the passion for soccer, Zilap Estudio launches in 2018 Zilap Russia, a concept based on the Greek alphabet (Russian) with an innovative geometric style, shows the Latin glyphs closely related to the Greek glyphs (Compatible with Spanish, English, Portuguese and especially Russian).

Energetic and sporty inspiring design, also reminiscent of the pleasant scent of the streets of Moscow.

Inspired and designed by Zilap Studio
Assembly and foundry by LJ Design Studios

Download demo version: https://www.fontspace.com/zilap-russia-font-f29710

– Contact – zilapestudio@gmail.com

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Broadcasting, Business, Standard Version, Web/Print/Illustration

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